Seawolves vs. Tigers - A thriller right to the last play!
Posted on05 Oct 2014

(Photo courtesy Mark Kays, Halifax)

Saint John, NB -

It was a thriller right to the last play when the Dalhousie Tigers hosted the UNB Saint John Seawolves last night. Dalhousie scored on the first play of the game.The Tigers scored again in the second quarter and the Seawolves kicked a rouge that left the score 14-1. The Seawolves blocked twopunts which led to two safeties and the Seawolves converted a field goal, so at half the score was 14-8.

Dalhousie scored a safety in the 3rd quarter making the score 16-8. The Seawolves blocked another punt a scored another safety, bringing the score to 16 -10.

In the 4th quarter, with only seconds left in the game, Seawolves Nick Noel had 10-yard reception from QB Sean Galbraith and Dan Duplessis makes good on the pat.

The Seawolves won the game 17-16,a thriller right to the end!

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UNBF 6 5 1 231 105 10 0.833
HC 6 5 1 170 80 10 0.833
Dal 6 2 4 168 153 4 0.333
UNBSJ 6 0 6 13 244 0 0.000

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