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##Rules & Regulations

###Constitution & Bylaws

The AFL Constitution binds every member organization and are reviewed annually by the Governing Board. The current revision is dated May 5, 2012.

2017-04-29 AFL Constitution - Bylaws [Current]

2014-05-10 AFL Constitution & Bylaws [Replaced by above]

2012-05-05 AFL Constitution & Bylaws [Replaced by above] (121kb)

2011-05-01 AFL Constitution & Bylawys [Replaced by above] (418kb)

###General Meeting Minutes

Annually the AFL holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) Governing Board meets to discuss issues of league wide importance and update the Constitution. From time to time the AFL may also hold Special General Meetings (SGM) as issues arise making such a meeting necessary.

AFL 2013 AGM Meeting May 10 2014 Minutes

2011AGM_Minutes-_2012-05-05 (137kb)

2010SGM_Minutes-_2011-05-01 (134kb)

2010AGM_Minutes-_2011-03-16 (131kb)

2009AGM_Minutes-_2010-03-20 (133kb)

###Executive Meetings

From time to time the AFL Executive committee (any anyone they see necessary to attend) will hold meetings to discuss the operation of the league and make decisions as required.












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UNBF 2 2 0 71 38 4 1.000
Dal 2 1 1 73 48 2 0.500
HC 2 1 1 63 30 0 0.500
UNBSJ 2 0 2 7 98 0 0.000

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Dalhousie Holland College 6:00PM Sat, Sep 30