Holland College Hurricane

Holland College announced the formation of the Hurricanes Football Club in March of 2010, ending a decades-long absence of the game at this level on Prince Edward Island. The team welcomes Holland College and UPEI students, as well as eligible players from the community. This unique composition has been a key to the team’s success.

The team finished 2011, only its second year in the league, as both regular season and league champions, and several players on the team garnered attention from university coaches and the CFL.

Football lovers across the Island have welcomed the Hurricanes, and home games are fast becoming popular community events. Fabulous food prepared by chefs from the college’s Culinary Institute of Canada, music by the Holland College Prince of Wales Community Band, an enthusiastic fan base, and a team that plays with skill and passion, all of these things make the games a highlight of the fall months.

Team Roster

Number Name Position
2 André Peach DB
5 Van Bodden RB
6 Valentine Munnings Jr. DB
7 Eugene McMinns REC
8 Wildens Sertyl DB
9 Dylan Echlin REC
10 Colin Trewin SB/Punter/PK
11 Roman Koszucki REC/PK
12 Duncan Hill DB/FB
13 Jesse Borden REC
14 Kyle Regimbald REC
16 Thomas MacKenzie REC
17 Mitchell Logan DB
18 Frank Beaton RB
19 Kyle Savard QB
20 Kyle Nowlan DB
22 Mackenzie Campbell REC
23 Stephen Maynard REC
24 Derelle Felix DB
25 Sean Fitzpatrick Safety/QB
26 Max Malo DB
27 Steeve Julien RB
28 Andre Goulbourne RB
35 Allister Nicholson REC/PK
36 Raymond Umuwe DB
37 Terrance Hall Safety
38 Jesse Campbell REC
39 Zachary Acorn DB
41 Stephen MacMillan LB
42 Ryan Clarke REC
43 Alex Orasuk LB
44 Alex Rose DL
50 Jed Walsh LB
51 Peter Van Vliet OL
52 Zach Davidson OL
53 John Ross Young LB
54 Michael Varis DB
55 Torriano Curtis LB
56 Ricco Stubbs DL
57 Geovanntè Saunders DL
58 Riley Aiello OL
59 Edward Tingley OL
60 Peter Quigley OL
61 Dylan Provost OL
63 Brandon Bernard OL/DL
64 Alex MacDonald OL
65 Quinten Blois DE
66 Brandon Wilson DT
67 Riley McCarthy OL/DL
68 Kenzie Gertley-Gregan OL/DL
69 D’Vac Munroe DL
71 Jay McRae DB/REC
72 Liam Carter Punter/DE
73 Jesper Thompson TE/DE
74 Joshua Feaster DT
75 Rupert Stubbs DT
81 Jake Rushford TE/DE
83 Jeff McPhee DB
85 Geno Jones REC
87 Joseph Loppie DB
89 Omar Grant DB

Live Webcast


Dal 6 6 0 195 84 12 1.000
UNBF 6 4 2 174 136 8 0.667
HC 6 2 4 121 114 4 0.333
UNBSJ 6 0 6 54 219 0 0.000

Upcoming Games

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