Media Policy

News Articles

To be placed on the AFL website news articles must have particular relevance to the AFL, its teams, players, coaches, or alumni. Articles must be high quality and promote the positive image of the league, containing relevant information and proper grammar. To have a story placed on the website please email the article in full, with proper attribution, to the Webmaster. Articles may be placed at the discretion of the Webmaster either in the “Featured News” section (scrolling at the top of the home page) or in the “League News” section according to the following criteria:

Featured News:

  • A high quality and relevant image must be provided with the article (ie. no team logos, cartoons, or low res images).
  • Preference will be given to articles concerning the league or more than one team (ie. league wide news, game previews, and game summaries). During slow football news cycles (ie. off season and preseason) this requirement will be relaxed.
  • Home teams are asked to submit a 'news worthy' game summary after every home game.

League News:

  • No image required, but it is encouraged.
  • Articles relevant to one team are fine.
  • Articles must be of sufficient quality and length.
  • Team announcements should be placed on team websites unless special circumstances dictate.


  • Sets of pictures should be submitted to the league site containing good quality game images to be posted in the “Pictures” section for use by teams and media.
  • Home teams are asked to submit 5-10 good quality photos from every home game.

Social Media

Teams are encouraged to participate in social media to engage with their fans, supporters, and other interested parties. Engagement in social media should focus on the positives of the league, your teams, and other teams in the league and moderators should monitor channels of social media and work to foster a positive league atmosphere by their stakeholders.


Teams are encouraged to set up Facebook pages to communicate with their followers. Teams are also encouraged to promote events of the league and other teams, and we would suggest you “like” all the league pages. Here is a list of the league pages:


Teams are also encouraged to spread the word through twitter. AFL teams with their own twitter account can be added to the sidebar of the main AFL website. Twitter is a great way to post live score updates and interact with fans. Current Twitter feeds are:

Live Streaming

Live streaming internet video gives a great avenue for league fans to watch our games from away and grows our profile. If you plan to live stream a home game please send the link to the webmaster and they will be featured prominently at the top of the AFL homepage the week before the game. As always teams are expected to promote the positive image of the league in their live streams.

Stats Collection

Each home team is responsible for collection of full statistics to be submitted (in summary form) to the League Commissioner, Secretary, and Webmaster. The compiled stats summary (as per the form below) should be submitted as soon as possible following home games (no later than Sunday morning). Game stats and aggregate stats will be posted on the league shortly thereafter.