ANNOUNCEMENT: UNB Saint John Seawolves Home Opener, The Peter Fox Memorial Game

On Saturday, September 19th at 8 pm we are playing The Peter Fox Memorial Game at Canada Games Stadium, Tucker Park, Saint John, New Brunswick. We are playing the UNB Fredericton Red Bombers. We are a community-based team that raises our own funding. At the start of the game we are honouring The First Responders - Saint John City Police and Fire, Grand Bay/Westfield Fire and RCMP, Hampton Fire and RCMP, KV Fire and Police, and Ambulance New Brunswick.

Please come out and support 50 local players plus their coaches and families. We have added 20 cheerleaders this year too. We are like an extended family who needs your support. We want our kids to stay, play, and receive an education in our community. Our players are 18 to 24 years old, we play in the Atlantic Football League with teams in Fredericton, Saint John, Charlottetown and Halifax -- the only league that plays in our major cities in all 3 Maritime provinces.