UNB Red Bombers Annual Red N’ Black Inter-Squad Game

Conditions were perfect yesterday for the coaches to test, under fire, where they are in training camp, and what will be on this final week’s agenda in order to be prepared to host the defending AFL Champions Holland College Hurricanes for our home opener at BMO Centre field on Campus next Sat. Sept 17 at 7:00pm.

An Unfortunate Near Miss That Will be Corrected

While watching the Inter-squad game, we noticed that one of our supporters was sitting in the stands and talking with a couple for some time. Some of us were sitting in the shade of the end zone tent with other alumni. Our guy came back over and said “Hey, I was just talking with Charlie Khoury.” Yours truly knows Charlie from way back and was disappointed that I didn’t get a chance to say hello to my friend; BUT the alumni I was talking with, Jim Battis, jumped up and shouted “Where’s Charlie?” … Charlie had just pulled out of the parking lot. The two teammates from the late 60’s had sat 40 yards apart for 30 minutes and never got the chance to reunite. Charlie, we know when you read this you’ll be as disappointed as Jim was.

We’re sure this has happened to others before, so let’s try to fix that for the future. We want all Red Bomber Alumni from 1949-2015 to know that whenever you step on the field to watch a practice or a game, you’re home. If it is a game, please tell the person at the ticket booth your name and your final year as a player. They will relay that to our announcer, and during the game former Red Bombers will be recognized so that your team mates will know you are there.

Regardless, Ground Zero for Red Bomber Alumni at games or practices is the west End Zone tent and Equipment building (on game day look for the giant beer can J). If an old teammate is on the field you’ll find them there, most definitely at Half Time at least.

Despite the unfortunate near miss it was great to see Red Bomber Alumni on the field. Charlie and Jim were back on Campus after long absences. Jim said it was his first time back. Charlie was on his way back to his home. Jim on the other hand will be in the area for a few weeks, and he will be at the game next Saturday night at 7:00, and is planning to be at homecoming on Oct 1.

I’d like to share one heartwarming incident that demonstrates the bond that teammates hold between each other, even after 50 years. Jim and I weren’t teammates (I was about 2 or 3 years after him), but after we shook hands, the first thing out of Jim’s mouth was “It’s Tony’s birthday.” (Sept 10). Wow.

A Team Worth Supporting

You can support the team by visiting go.unb.ca/redbombers or http://www.unb.ca/fredericton/urec/clubs/football.html and click on the Red Button and then select your preference, or call (506) 458-7594