Hurricanes named to AFL All-Star Team, take two awards

Tuesday, November 14, 2017. Charlottetown – The Holland Hurricanes Football Club had nine players named to the league’s all-star team, with two of them also taking major awards. Brandon Wilson was named Defensive Lineman of the Year, and Brennan Davis was named Special Teams Player of the Year.

Head Coach Ross Young said the inclusion of so many Hurricanes on the all-star team is indicative of how many talented players the ‘Canes have, and is confident that the team will excel next season.

“These nine players exemplify what we aspire to as a team, and we are proud that they have earned the distinction of being on the league’s all-star team. We had a lot of new players on the team this year, so they needed some time to get used to each other. By the end of the season, the team was really starting to find its rhythm,” he said. “The players will be working hard over the next few months to prepare for spring training. The coaches are very proud of the team, and appreciate the work that all our players put in these past season.”

In addition to being named Defensive Lineman of the Year, Brandon Wilson made the defensive line on the all-star team along with Josh Feaster. Also named in the defensive line up were linebacker Toriano Curtis and defensive backs Mackenzie Campbell and Tristen Hull. Brennan Davis was named to the offensive lineup as kicker, while Cole Brydges and Tayler Majuary were named as receivers.