UNB Red Bombers vs Dal Tigers (Red Bombers 31 - Tigers 34)

Final Score Red Bombers 31 - Dal Tigers 34

What a game !! The Red Bombers were playing well but it didn’t show on the scoreboard. By early in the 3rd quarter the Tigers were ahead 27 – 5 . Then midway through the 3rd the Bombers play started to pay off. With 5 minutes left in the game, the Red Bombers were ahead 31 -27. What a comeback ! The Tigers came back with a short pass into the endzone to go back ahead with 2 minutes left. The Red Bombers had the ball on last possession deep in their own territory as time ran out. It was the kind of close game we have come to expect from the Bombers and Tigers.

The Bell network extends their apologies for their technical difficulty last night in streaming the game. However they were able to record the game onsite and the archive is now up and running at: http://events.news-cast.com/ where you can view the game.

Events: News-Cast.com


Archived: Maritime Womens Football League: Football (W) Jun 23, 2018: SupHer Bowl Championship - Fredericton vs Halifax: FREE

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