UNB Fredericton Reds

UNB Red Bombers Thank the Team Behind the Team

The continued support by our alumni through their donations reflects how much the UNB Red Bombers have been embraced by our university community. But, the UNB Red Bombers also have an outstanding team of volunteers from the Fredericton Area football community to thank who continue to step forward to make everything outside the white lines on the field work. They give freely of their time to sit on the Board and committees, meeting monthly year-round to organize, prepare, and ensure that a quality football program is built at UNB, not just a football team. They have developed the constitutional structure, policies, and procedures of the Club in sync with UNB policy and the on-going liaison with UNB administration and UNB URec Sport that provides the foundation on which the team operates.

Red Bombers Football is an active part of the entire football community in the Capital Region. Over the past 10 years the UNB Red Bombers have raised nearly $50,000 at their home games for the Kinsmen, and Women’s Football, as well as provided skills-camps for young football players. The goal of this amazing group of volunteers who support the Bombers is not just to produce a Saturday afternoon football game, but rather to work towards creating a Saturday “Event” for the whole family that includes the 3 hours of college football, half-time events, Kick, Punt, and Pass contests, music, lively play by play, etc.

And the volunteer group continues to grow each year allowing the UNB Red Bombers Football Club to add more gameday event features each year. Our sincerest thanks to these amazing and crucial members of the Red Bombers