Dalhousie Tigers

Sad News From Dal Football

I am very sad to share that our valued team member and friend, Alexander Jessup, died in residence on Sunday, Nov. 27, 2022, after experiencing unexpected medical complications associated with Diabetes. Alex was a first-year science student who came to Dal from Callander, Ontario. He was a loved and active member of the Dalhousie community as a member of our Dalhousie Tigers Football Team, and resident of Studley House in Howe Hall.Alex lived life to the fullest and brought joy to everyone who knew him.

Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with Alex’s loving parents, family and friends, and with the Dalhousie Tigers Football community, at this difficult time.

Here is a link to Alex's Obituary:


Dalhousie University has been very supportive by providing a number of counselor-led support sessions specifically for the team as well as sessions for students.

This is from our team - Alex brought an unmatched passion and joy to everything he did, and touched every person in our organization with his energy and enthusiasm. His smile lit up every classroom or locker room he was in, and the positive effect he had on each individual he met will forever be remembered.




Jim Wilson