UNB Fredericton Reds

Bombers Withstand Hurricanes

The Reds over the weekend took on the Holland College Hurricanes on home turf at BMO Centre. The game was close, but the Reds came out on top, with a final score of 40-31.

The first half was stellar for the Reds. The team played an aggressive offence while maintaining a strong defence; holding the Hurricanes to 28 points to their 21.

The Red defensive line on every play would stop the Hurricanes’ blitz attempts, with Spencer Dean and Luke Myers-Leblanc shinning. Cole Sneider and Donnie Sharpe would also play a big role on the defensive end with their tackling.

Jonah Rawlines, the Reds quarterback was a star. He would lead his team to a victory due to his throwing abilities. Over the course of the game, he would throw successful pass one after another for a total of 68 yards.

He would pass to Nick Parker, would run to the endzone giving the Reds their third touchdown. Rawline’s key strategy was in his running. He would throw fake outs and then run first downs.

Along with Rawlines, Cameron Hayward was another figure who took over. In the third quarter, ran 15 yards, followed by another 6 on the next play.

In the final quarter, the Reds stepped up their game. Hayward would run 5 yards, followed by another 17. He would then score his first touchdown of the game.

Immediately after the kickoff, Jace Taylor would run 27 yards to secure an early field advantage. Thomas Hoyt would catch a 14-yard pass from Rawlines around the 40-yard line.

Hayward would run 16 yards, bullying his way through the defence to score his second touchdown.

During the final two minutes, the Reds would hold the Hurricanes on their goal line. Desperate, they would throw a deep throw. The Reds intercept the ball with 57 seconds left and take a double knee to end the game.

With a 1-1 win-loss ratio, the Reds face off against the Dalhousie Tigers on home field at 7:00 pm.