UNB Fredericton Reds

Reds win alumni cup

The Reds faced off against the Dalhousie Tigers Saturday night in their third game of the season. This was the second match-up of the season for these teams and the rivalry between them was heated.

The Reds were fighting to win the Alumni Cup, a competition between UNB and Dalhousie. Whichever team wins a two game series, the winning team hosts the AFL finals if either team advances.

The Reds were dominant, with a final score of 31-8. Thoughout the whole game, they kept the ball in control and rarely game the edge to the Tigers.

Jonah Rawlines, the Reds star quarterback once again put on a clinic. In the first quarter alone, he threw over 60 yards in total passes.

Rawlines on one play would fake out the Tigers defence and throw a 20 yard pass to Justin Remillard. Remillard would go on to secure the Reds first 3 points via a field goal.

Rawlines would then pass a 30 yard deep throw to Nick Parker who would give them their first touchdown.

On the defensive end, Nicholas Appleby held back the Tigers offence with 3 defensive tackles. Donnie sharpe would have a big defensive stop in the middle of the second quarter, preventing the Tigers from passing.

The Reds found their groove on the defence. By the beginning of the third quarter, they’d held Dalhousie to only two points.

Cameron Hayward would put in work offensive, constantly running through the defence with burst of speed. He would score a touchdown for the Reds in the third.

Matthew Lafleur would have a big play when he ran 16 yards to bring the Reds out of their end zone.

The game was all but over by the start of the fourth quarter. Within the first few minutes, Rawlines throws a 7 yard pass to Thomas Hoyt, followed by a 21 yard pass to Jace Taylor on the following play.

At the 7 minute mark, Ethan Rae catches a Dalhousie fumble, giving the ball back to the Reds. Rawlines would throw a 29 yard touchdown pass to Parker, sealing the deal for the Reds victory.