UNB Fredericton Reds

Reds Come Up Short on the Island

In their fourth game of the season, the Reds take on the Holland college Hurricances for their second matchup of the season. The Reds played well, but came up short with a final score of 22-18.

The Reds won their first game against the Hurricanes two weeks prior and came into the game


The Reds throughout the season have had a very strong offence. They have consistently been able to put up major points during their games and make the most out of each possession.

The Reds within the first few minutes of the game would cause the Hurricances to fumble the ball. They would pick it up for their first down.

Jonah Rawlines, the Reds star quarterback would throw a 25 yard pass to Justin Remillard. Remillard then go on to kick a field goal giving the Reds their first three points of the game.

The duo of Rawlines and Remillard would be key part of the Reds game. Rawlines would pass to Remilard for 10 yards and then run another 10 yards.

Thomas Hoyt was another star in the game. He consistently ran multiple yards for his team, flanking the Hurricanes defence. Hoyt would receive a 30 yard pass from Rawline followed by another 15 yard pass to run into the endzone for a touchdown.

During the third quarter, the Reds intercepted a pass thrown by the Hurricanes quarterback.

Cameron Hayward runs 15 yards and lands right in front of the goal line. Rawlines on the following play would fake pass and run the ball into the goal zone, giving them another touchdown.

In the final quarter, the Hurricances yet again fumble the ball to give the Reds possession. The Reds would use their final few minutes. Hayward would run 3 yards, Rawlines would pass to parker on back-to-back plays.

On the final play, the Reds go to pass for the final catch, but miss. With heart break in the air, the Reds