UNB Fredericton Reds

Reds Win Last Regular Season Home Game

In their final home game of the season, the Reds take on the Dalhousie Tigers. Both teams played well, but the Reds came out on top, winning with a final score of 31-23.

The Reds and Tigers have played three times now and have won twice. The two teams hold a competitive rivalry over the years.

In the first quarter, the Reds offence was fierce. Star quarterback Jonah Rawlines would throw one successful pass after another.

Around the 10:00 minute mark, Rawlines would throw a 37-yard pass to Nick Parker. Rawlines later on he would throw a fake pass, and run into the endzone to earn the team’s first touchdown.

The duo of Rawlines and Parker was unstoppable. At the beginning of the third, Rawlines throws to Parker, and runs 55 yards.

Rawlines was not the only player carrying his weight during the game though.

Justin Remillard would receive a 20-yard pass from Rawlines on a big play to get the Reds out of their zone.

Remillard has been putting in his work this season, running wide-open to receive passes from his teammates. In the third,

Matt Lafleur would make a running play, gaining 25 yards for the Reds. Dominic Hall would also have a major play when he ran 37 yards.

Thomas Hoyt would gain a touchdown in the third quarter when he received a 17-yard pass.

On the defensive end, the D-line was putting in work. Donnie Sharpe would have a couple of tackles throughout the game. Ethan Rae would tackle the Tigers quarterback, stopping them from gaining ground.

Being up by eight going into the fourth, the Reds were wanting to seal the deal.

Cameron Hayward would run 20 yards on an early play, while Blake Langille would assist in defending his teammate. Shortly afterwards, Remillard would kick a successful field goal putting the Reds up three points.

Sebastian Brown would have a major play by intercepting the ball and running past the Tigers’ offence, gaining 52 yards. Running out the clock, the Reds secure their third win of the regular season.