UNB Fredericton Reds

UNB Gets Home Field Advantage

UNB headed to Holland College this past weekend to face off against the Hurricanes. The winner of the match would have home-field advantage in the championship game the following weekend on Nov 11. The Reds came out on top, with a final score of 30-26.

The Reds offence was a highlight of their game. With the regular season having come to a close, you can see the progress the Reds have made. They were taking advantage of every play and maximizing their opportunities.

Cameron Hayward was putting in work throughout the game. He alone ran over 105 yards. In the fourth quarter, he earned himself two touchdowns. The first quarter would see Hayward also run 60 yards off a handoff from Jonah Rawlines.

Nick Parker also scored a touchdown in the third quarter, putting the Reds up by four.

On the defensive end, the Reds were putting a stop to the Hurricanes, minimizing their quarterbacks’ ability to make successful passes.

Donnie Sharpe had a couple of tackles in the third quarter that played a major role in the Reds success.

Ethan Rae would block a long pass, preventing the Hurricanes from gaining 23 yards. Rae in the fourth would block another Holland pass, preventing a touchdown.

The team’s chemistry has reached a level of cohesiveness that enables the Reds to play swiftly. This could prove to be a problem for Dalhousie next week.

Going into the championship game, both UNB and Dalhousie have a 4-2 record. The two rival universities will be looking to secure another title for their schools.